a lack of everything


well well

the blogging thing isn't going as well as i wanted it to.

the main reasons are a lack of sleep, time, inspiration and motivation.

i'm way too busy with work at the moment. working 8-5 is like the most normal thing but it doesn't give you much free time.

as much as i love winter, its a pain in the arse, that its getting dark so early!! i don't even get the chance to take pictures for my blog or anything.

i'm also spending a lot of time between that short time of when i'm not working or sleeping doing some online research.

i'm planning to move to the uk next year and that takes a lot of preparation. trying to find a college and a course to apply for, accommodation and everything else. which leads me to the IELTS i also need to study for. ughh

that was just a short and lame update from me.

much love xx

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