lime crime


last week i received a package from the US which got me very super duper excited!
a few weeks ago i ordered five velvetines from the lime crime website. three for me, two for my banging buddy nina.
i ordered the colours wicked, bleached and riot. nina got jinx and faded.

i've read mostly positive things about the lime crime products. they're also vegan and cruelty free, so i had to order some! lip products are my fave, so it was just a matter of time until i finally tried out lime crime.

when i came home from work i quickly tried out the colours and i wasn't really happy with them. at first the colours didn't look as i expected them to but i think it was just the bad bathroom lightning that made me think so. so when i started to use them properly the following few days and i changed my mind real quickly!

the colours are absolutely amazing! they look exactly like on the pictures, so i'm very happy about that! the velvetines are very pigmented and don't smudge! how cool is that!? i get quite a few compliments on it whenever i have 'em on.

the lime crime products are quite pricey but you're definitely paying for great quality here. so i think i'll defo order more in the future!

i also had a blogpost written up already but now after trying out the products properly, i changed my mind and had to rewrite the whole post.. oh well!

much love xx

wicked - riot - bleached

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