so, today is my 20th birthday and let me tell you something.. i feel so old!
being twenty means no longer being a teenager. am i supposed to do adulty stuff now? and if so, what do adults even do!?

i still feel like i'm seventeen, young and got plenty of time to get old. where did time go!!

well but okay, apart from being super old now i took a few days off work and decided to spend my birthday with my mom and sister in berlin.

i also decided to write a list of things i've "achieved" or done that make me a wee proud of myself, so i can look at what i've done while become so old. i actually planned to write a list of at least twenty things but dang, i'll need another twenty years on this planet to complete the list.

since i am no super hero and haven't saved any lives or found cures for any diseases, this is just going to be a normal list of normal things a normal human being has done

1. by the age of 12/13 i've decided to become a vegetarian and have not regretted it ever since
2. i have successfully passed all my exams and finished my apprenticeship last year
3. i am less shy than i used to be. thats a pretty big deal if you ask me
4. i went to six different schools because we moved quite often, which can be hard when you suffer from anxiety but I MADE IT THROUGH IT ALL YAS
5. i've seen most of my favourite bands live 
6. i survived my first and pretty bad heartbreak LOL. i mean getting dumped by your first love is always hard but you'll be okay :)
7. i won a few painting competitions when i was younger
8. i have a job (great huh?)
9. one time on christmas eve i got to play the maria in church for a school performance. this is not on the list because god would have been so proud, soz i'm an atheist, but the church was so full of people and i was damn shy but it all went really well
10. in the past three years at college i always got better grades in my english class than the smartest kid in class
11. i used to be quite chubby so i lost 10 kg
12. i grew out of the awkward emo stage

the last one is by far the best one!

much love

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