so here i am, back from my wee trip to berlin. yesterday was my 20th birthday and i wanted to do something cool for it so i decided to go there for a few days, i went there with my mom and sister.

its been ages since i've last been to berlin, so i decided to go for the full tourist mode.

on the first day we decided to do some shopping. we went to quite a few shopping centres and the "hackesche märkte" and a few other stores. there was soo much to discover. but after all, i didn't buy all that much stuff. i still plan to put a blog up about the stuff i got :)

on the second day we wanted to do the typical kinda stuff so we got on a sightseeing bus, which was pretty cool cause we didn't had to walk as much and saw a lot interesting stuff. berlin has some old beautiful and historical buildings, i really enjoyed that but it was good enough to just see them from the bus. but apart from the bus tour we also went to the east side gallery, which was my favourite bit.

on the last day we just went to the mall of berlin, got some food, walked through some shops and pretty much didn't do all that much, once we were done there we drove back home again.

so lets get real, berlin is cool! its not like where i live in germany at all, the people are way friendlier and just the mentality is completely different. there is so much to do and to experience. the people don't seem to care too much about what anyone thinks of them so they just do their thing. i really like that!!
but for me personally, it is too big and busy! it's cool for a trip but not a place where i would want to live. although i definitely prefer this place over nuremberg.

it was a very short trip and i don't wanna write a novel so i think that will do, enjoy the pictures!

much love

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