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although i mostly never go out with the intention to buy stuff, i'm still on the hunt for some bargains. and yesterday the universe was totally on my side.

lets get started with this wee haul

much love xx

i've always struggled with bad skin. so i felt like it was time to take a bit more care of it, especially on my face.
since i'm wearing make up on a daily basis, i feel like facial cleanser are a must have. so when i decided to get quality products i knew that the body shop was the right place.

i love the body shop, always have and always will. i've been using their products for years and never got disappointed.

as expected, the customer service was great as always. i've explained to the nice lady what i struggle with and she recommended the tea tree products. i haven't tried them yet but they smell really nice and refreshing. i believe in the magic of their products so i'm sure they'll be great.

the products are for blemished skin. the products are supposed to even mattify the skin, so if you struggle with oily and shiny skin, this is for you!

the body shop in nuremberg has a great "buy 3 get one for free" deal going on at the moment. that was a sign from above!! so already being very enthusiastic i was about to pay and remembered i had two vouchers left, so i just ended up paying 6,50 € for it allll. YASSS

okay this wasn't really a bargain.. so the other day i ran out of concealer and wasn't really happy with the one i used anyway. i had two options now. getting another drugstore product or switching to something a little bit better.

last month i got the naked 3 eyeshadow pallet by urban decay and i absolutely love it! that really got me into the mood for trying more of their stuff. so here it is! i'm sure the good quality will make up for the price of 24,99 €.

oh boy, it was just a matter of time until i got another pair of vans..

i'm not too sure how many pairs i own but it's just never enough! i loooveee vans! they're so comfy and nice. can't wait until the weather is finally getting better and it's time to bring out the sneakers.

so my new pair is vintage and only cost me 30,00 €!

last but not least another a jacket. i don't know why, but i have a little obsession with jackets. if theres one thing i own more than vans, then its jackets.

this lovely piece was from a second hand shop and only cost 3,00 €. who would say no to that ehh!?


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