yesterday was one of the best days i had in a really long time. i genuinely felt happy. it's been way too long since i felt like that. as the weather is getting better, people are being nicer and i'm feeling so good! 

yesterday was just another sunday actually, its not like anything special happened. but its the little things in life.

my beautiful homie nina and i went for a stroll through the woods until we reached this meadow. it was so lovely, almost no people, no cars just nature. 

after that we rode our bikes around a lake, into the city centre where we went for vegan burgers and vegan ice cream. the nice ice cream man even gave it to us for free. YASS

but enough, this is more like a photograph post instead of me telling long stories.

much love xx

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2 Kommentare

  1. also ich finde den schnee den sie hier rieseln lassen mehr als unpassend!