shitty pink hair


haven't we all done stupid stuff out of boredom? today was one of those days and i had the glorious idea to dye my hair pink.
it turned out a bit darker than i actually wanted but its not that much of a big deal since its going to fade anyway.

so just in case anyone is interested how to dye your hair in a shitty pink hair colour, heres how to do it.

pls note pink is a very pigmented colour, so your hair doesn't need to be super light. but obviously the lighter your hair is in the beginning, the brighter the colour will turn out in the end.

as you can see on the picture down below, i've dyed my hair lighter a few months ago so now i have some blonde balayage going on on my head.

so to achieve a shitty pink colour you'll need the following stuff:

- some cheap ass conditioner
- some pink hair dye (i used directions in the colour cerise)
- a mixing bowl and a brush
- also some gloves unless you love pink hands

now that you have everything you need, start putting A LOT conditioner into the bowl. how much you need is obvs depending on how thick your hair is and how much you want to get coloured in the end.

once you've put the right amount of conditioner into the bowl, carefully start adding the hair dye. as i said earlier pink is friggin pigmented so you won't need as much. but since i'm an idiot, i obviously used way too much. probably the amount of half a teaspoon.  \_(ツ)_/

once you're happy with the colour, or you've put too much of everything in and there's no going back, let's start putting the colour on your hair.

i recommend parting your hair from the bottom up to the top, so you're making sure you're toning everything evenly.
leave the dye on for about 20-30 mins before you wash it out and voila you're done! WOOOOHOOO

the good thing about this hair dye is that it washes out completely after a few washes, so don't worry if you messed up.

check out how i turned out on me down below

much love xxx

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